Saturday, July 18, 2009

My New Best Friend

In which I receive a message from a total stranger on Facebook:

And yes, I have confirmed (Mr.? Ms.?) Dani Caleb as a friend. Because the world is an insane place. Let the walls of the asylum ring with laughter.


DrRuss said...

If I only knew that being your friend was so simple. How about: I have followed your blog religiously (pun intended) after reading your post about checking out of Whole Foods and telling the check out clerk to be sure and charge the obnoxious lady for the cookie her daughter was eating. Pure brilliance. Can I be your friend too?

P.S. I know that it isn't grammatical elegant but I ain't no Fr. Tony

Tony Adams said...

Dear Dr. Russ,
Sure. Dani Caleb has been my new best friend for about an hour now, so I think I'm about due for a replacement. I am a bit troubled however about initiating a relationship with someone who has actually read something I've written and has a favorable opinion of me. Perhaps you could reframe your overture in more anonymous and insulting terms.

Birdie said...

I'm gonna guess 18 and female.

Larry Ohio said...

"Perhaps you could reframe your overture in more anonymous and insulting terms."

I love it!

Java said...

I have read your writing. You can be described in many ways, both flattering and un-. Obtuse is not one of them.

Bigg said...

I'm with Dr. Russ: if I'd known you were that easy, this Facebook whore would have sleazed ALL OVER you already. Plus we have some friends in common already who are more than willing to damn me with faint praise.