Saturday, July 11, 2009

Robert Isabell

He was brilliant.

And don't miss the last line of this, in which Ian Schrager asks the eternal question for which there is no good answer.


Anonymous said...

i met robert through annette and we became friends. he appreciated it when i told him his wig was disproportionate and a little unreal in it's thickness. i thought he was going to die from laughter when i said it to his face. RIP dude.

anthony menendez

Patrick said...

He sounds like he was an impressive, creative man. Schrager's question has no good answer though, because it's a stupid question. Geography does not dictate talent.

Tony Adams said...

That, Patrick, is an interesting perspective. I didn't read it that way but I see your point. I just read it on the surface as a way of saying his talent was innate.

Anonymous said...

I had the distinct pleasure of having worked on events "garnished" by Robert. He was a genius and an enigma.

Elana Murray

Anonymous said...

I worked with Robert for at least 12 years
and did 90% of the events he was hired
for. All I can say is his eye for color & dimension
was unmatched by anyone in the business.
He would never compromise his vision of the party &
would not let anyone ruin the party, even the
client. Whenever I'm at an event today I see
his influence everywhere.