Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I don't know what to make of this.


Anonymous said...

Padre -

I have a feeling that perhaps your comrade could use a hand from the rest of us, if he;s selling his desk for so much. He is certainly deserving! How could we organize this?

I'm serious.


Tony Adams said...

Your generosity is appreciated. What I found out is incredible and disgusting. The diocese of Fresno through its Newman Center where Father Geoff had been stationed is selling the desk. They boot out Father Geoff and then they capitalize on his misfortune by selling his "notorious" desk. I received this info from a good friend of his. Truly amazing.

Spouse Walker said...

Exploitation. I am selling my toenail clippings. They happen to be gay toenails. Minimum bids please. My current fingernails that voted for various liberals over the years are descendants of those that pressed the lever for such "radicals?". They are also up for sale. I can mail them vacuum packed.

Paris said...

Holy shit - it's the diocese advertising it as such?

Those kids sure know how to keep it classy.

Tony Adams said...

It seems that someone from the Newman Center where Fr. Geoff was last employed is behind this, but the fact is that the desk is church property and it is the Catholic Church that is the real seller and the Catholic Church will get the proceeds. This is despicable.

Anonymous said...

Caro Padre Antonio,

Couldn't a skilled writer issue a press release like most PR firms send items which masquerade as news? Then send to local and national media outlets.

Expose the diocese.

Smells like an ecumenical trainwreck!


Tony Adams said...

Sure, but I'm getting conflicting and/or guarded info about who is at the bottom of this and who actually placed the ad. That is why I am hesitating.

Anonymous said...

One of Leanardo Da Vnci's first works the "adoration of the magi" s see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adoration_of_the_Magi_(Leonardo)
was commissioned by the Catholic Church. It was rejected for having a battle scene, which was radical in it's day. They stored the art face down in the water causing damage and it was re-done by a non accomplished artist. When Leonardo became renowned the R.C. Church fixed it up and you know the $$$$$$$$$$$ deal. Nothing changes when $$$ is in play. I am sad for the Father but not surprised at the exploitation.