Thursday, July 02, 2009

Queer leaders had for the price of a cocktail

Guess I won't be sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom any time soon. This week's Viewpoint in the SF Blade which incidentally has not succumbed to the coma of the New York Blade.


Anonymous said...

like some salted peanut!

Anonymous said...

Your article was very sincere I could feel your emotions. In fact I think the intensity and urgency of your recent writings make me feel you are angry and frustrated at the current pace of gay rights.

I saw on the television that they were playing ABA"S dancing queen. I thought how pandering talk about stereotyping.

The question I have for you is do you think some of the folks that showed up are the self promoter types exploiting their sexuality for personal gain and power? And are these folks subordinating the critical need for LGBT civil rights for temporary glitter glamor and personal enrichment.

I don't know them and you were polite in acknowledging them but I sense that Vatican- Church - Corporation- dealer frustration in your words.