Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is an unusual blog.

A basically straight male atheist student in an all-boy school in Iraq who is writing about having feelings for some of the guys. If he stops posting, we should fear the worst.

(1/28 note: Iraqi Atheist claims subsequently to be 17 years old. Since I am not a reader of the blogs of minors, nor do I engage them in email or commentary, I am leaving him unattended to his destiny, while wishing him well.)


Joshua said...

Now this kid worries me. He's young and free-spirited as we all were; but I can see many things which he's saying - that could put him in imminent danger.

Bruce said...

Farmboyz, thanks for your support on the comment I left on the young Iraqi's site. He really needs to think about what he's doing before displaying it before a hostile and potentially dangerous world.

BTW, I didn't comment on your posts on Exit Art or Buxtehude simply because I didn't see them until after you posted on the Iraqi fellow, and people tend not to read or respond to comments on older posts.

Both of these posts were interesting and useful, especially the one on Buxtehude (I discovered baroque opera about two years ago--- I can't believe my former ignorance--- and it has since become one of my major musical interests. Vivaldi and Händel and much more interesting as opera composers than they are in their better known genres.)

In short, please give us more, despite my lack of comment.

Population One said...

...and I thought I had it rough in school.

A Bear in the Woods said...

Thanks for this link. I intend to keep an eye on this young man. In some ways such a typical teen, reacting to pressure with braggadocio. I hope he makes it all right.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the note about the young Iraqi's age. Ironic. We warn him to be careful, and actually, we should be just as careful.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the note about the young Iraqi's age. Ironic. We warn him to be careful, and actually, we should be just as careful.

Anonymous said...

I like all your posts, I just don't always comment on them. Your writing is wonderful, even if the topic is deemed mundane. Please keep posting often, we love your style, even if it is just painfully boring artsy fartsy bullshit (hee hee, KIDDING).


Mike said...

I like the idea that Baghdad has a "West Hollywood"-like neighborhood. We tend to see the entire Middle East as composed of camels and desert sands for the most part. Having gone to an all-boys religious school, I can relate to some of his predicament. The thing in, I was still drinking the kool-aid back then. The guy is very mature to be as self-aware as he is at such a young age.

I went back to blog and now it's by "invitation only" and requires a sign-in, so I think I'll pass.

Another thing that strikes me odd is how institutions like these still function in the middle of a war zone. I hope America can end it's neoconservative wet-dream-turned-nightmare and end it's occupation of that country. I also hope that Iraq (and the rest of that part of the world) can get past it's sectarian/religious violence.