Friday, October 05, 2007


I'm posting this more because I think it's clever and less because I wholeheartedly agree with it (although I rather sort of agree with it while fence-strattling and hand-wringing and brow-knitting while walking on board).

Here's my problem. I've spent decades in government, sometimes crafting legislation and watching its slow lumbering through the public sector process from idea to light of day. Rarely does anything get through unblemished or unaltered. I've seen the best things die in committee. For this reason I empathize with those who assure the transgendered that there will be room for them on the next boat and that they should wait until we return for them. This was my grandfather's practical approach to Ellis Island, making three crossings and bringing his wife only on the third, after he had established a foothold. (Sorry, Grandma, didn't mean to imply that you were a trannie-Grammie)

On the other hand, I have disdain for civil unions as a step to marriage and would never bother entering one. The idea of participating in a second-rate substitute is repugnant and insulting. But, when the day comes for marriage, I will have to thank those who pushed the issue through that distasteful stage of civil unionism.

And then there's that God-awful creature named "Don't Ask Don't Tell" to consider. If ever there was a misshapen hideous half a loaf that never should have been allowed to...

I respect both sides of this arguement and hope the debate reaches as many people as possible. Only good can come of that.

So if you want to support the original and inclusive ENDA, click the link in the first line after the pic.

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We are of like mind.