Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How they live

I don't know who David Patrick Columbia is, or how he got to be David Patrick Columbia, but I am addicted to his regular chronicle of "Their Lives". He's a polaroid Edith Wharton. Sometimes (rarely) he'll post a picture of someone I know (sort of). The grand thing about New York is that circles overlap and sometimes collide.


Anonymous said...

I met him at a cocktail party in West Hollywood in 1992. I was wearing the only clean clothes I had left on my trip to LA, and I was dragged along by some friends. Anyway, Columbia and I were the only two men there without perfect abs. So of course we started talking. He had just written a book about these famous marrying sisters, I simply cannot remember now who they were. He was so charming and plain old intelligent and real and sarcastic, so NON-los angeles ...even though he was the least "hot" guy in the room I really wanted to get his number and somehow hook up with him... never happened, though. oh well.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Anonymous,
I have always suspected he'd be someone I would like to meet. I am guessing the book was about the Cushing sisters of Boston. A brief googling ought to disclose that. You should email him through his NY Social Diary. Once or twice I've emailed him with praise for his work and he has always made reply. Bet he'd be glad to hear from you.
Your devoted Farmboyz

Tony Adams said...

mystery solved

and my guess about the Cushing sisters was right.

Paul said...

Thanks for the tip... very interesting.. but I got a weird feeling while looking around his site... the same feeling I get when I'm at the shopping mall in my hometown... you feel like something's wrong, but you're not sure what it is... and then you realize that everyone around you is white... I guess NYC socialites aren't the most diverse group... makes sense.