Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not since Bogart and Bacall

Rocketreds is the Jerry Seinfeld of erotic video (It's about nothing but it says everything.) and he is probably the closest thing you'll ever see on this blog to being considered NSFW.

If it is possible to eroticize smoking, this guy is a genious. The lighting. The positioning of the camera. He forces the viewer to be in the room with him, below him, and in some way at his disposal. The look on his face. He's got something on his mind. In each of his six videos on Youtube (I recommend the three most recent in which he is really hitting his stride), Rocketreds includes an armpit view and a sudden look-away as if he's just heard a knock at the door or a voice in the next room that he's choosing to ignore. And please, let's momentarily set aside the issue of smoking and imagine being the object of his contemplation.


Mike said...

Um, I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Well, he does have a smokin' body... If only he would wear those pants a little lower. You are right though, he has discovered how to own the screen with camera angle and lighting.

Anonymous said...

this is a great example of how the subject of internet video (or really any video) benefits from the sensory limitation of the solely visual medium.

the guy looks hot. but would he still be hot if we could hear him wheezing? if we could smell the acrid nicotine and urea-laced smoke? if we could feel the oppressive heat of being in what appears to be a fairly small room with so many incandescent lights?

maybe... he's pretty hot.

JMG said...

Wow! I've never seen a tattoo like that!

Except on 90% of all gay men over 30 years old.

Tony Adams said...

Ha! Joey, I know you well enough to know that that is your way of admitting that you think he's hot.

dpaste said...

He had me until he turned and I saw that tat on his back. Big turn off for me.

Although considering what I'd want from him, the view of his back wouldn't really be a consideration.

But I'd give him a breath mint first.

PS my word verification was: qgayqx