Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Amusing news

A Rotarian, a priest and a perv,
And seventeen husbands pulled up to the curb
Of a Westchester stop
Where they met a hot cop
Who showed them the love they deserved.


dpaste said...

Well done! As simple as they look, few people seem to be able to craft a properly scanned limerick. Fewer still have the skill to play with the meter and yet make it work. Hats off.

BigAssBelle said...

Some of the activity we observed was very, very disturbing," Lutz said.

"You can't believe the stuff we see,"

i hate it when folks don't disclose the good stuff. WHAT was "very, very disturbing"? WHAT can't you believe?

i need details.

BigAssBelle said...

and the limerick is charming. you just retired, yes?