Friday, August 29, 2008

More Stuff for sale

A gas stove by LOPI (the Berkshire model) never used and never unpacked. It comes with all the fixtures and pipes and flanges for through-wall installation. It's the cadillac of the "looks like burning wood" gas stoves and is also heat -rated. Why did we never install it? Eh. Life speeds faster than the plans and purchases of men. I always envisioned sitting on our leather sofa and gazing at the flames. I think I've sat on that sofa maybe five times. Most of those not in winter.

Next up is a set of TEN theater chairs from Provincetown. Oak and metal. The bottom two slats are stained black. Some of the arms have the brass oval with the seat number in it. We have used these as dining chairs. They are comfortable with a little bounce in the metal. I never refinished these as planned. Life changes. Plans change. These are easy to ship because they come apart by unfastening the nuts and bolts.

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Anonymous said...

why are you selling a lifetime accumulation of things? wasn't that hard work finding all that stuff? do you have time to start all over again at this point?