Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walk This Way

C called my attention to this article in the Times.

I'm on my feet and cheering for David Rakoff's rules! I have actually said "Lady, the day that dog starts paying taxes is the day I'll step around it. Move it."

I would add a sixth rule:

BEN HURLING: Just because you are pushing a ridiculously expensive doublewide Maclaren (containing a five year old "infant" who could and should be walking), does not give you the right to bloody my ankles with your spiked hubcaps.


dantallion said...

How do Segways fit into this equation...or do they?

(Actually, other than the Police up here in Montreal, I've never seen anyone actually use one)

evilganome said...

Amen, Amen, Amen! I believe that you, C. and I had a discussion of this the last time you were in Boston. It is just as bad here. Everyone wanders around like they are in a shopping mall.

I think C. and I both get particularly annoyed with the Bugaboo's with the sedated 7 year old being wheeled around like some invalid.

Birdie said...

7. NO SPITTING. I have danced around enough wet spots on the pavement to last a lifetime. My dexterity is like a ballet here in Indiana. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get the 5 year old being paraded around in the "super stroller" thing! Is this mostly a NYC phenomonen? My 5 year old grandson would be embarrassed beyond words if I tried to confine him like that. Why aren't these kids walking, anyway?


Tony Adams said...

Dear Dantallion,
I think Segways are supposed to use the road, same as bicycles.
Dear Birdie,
Rule Number 8: two words: chewing gum....
Dear Jo,
these kids are stuffed into their strollers by their over-caffeinated, cell-phone gabbing and hyper moms who can't deal with the pace of little feet.

dpaste said...

I've taken to stomping loudly behind road hogs and audibly sighing. Maybe I'm fortunate but I've never had a run-in with a baby carriage. Similarly, very little trouble with dogs. I think it's because you live in a much more affluent neighborhood than I. That's one of the trade-offs, I guess.

I get the 3, 4, even 5-abreast walking groups of tourists that I smite in my mind.