Friday, August 01, 2008

Welcome, ST.

Dear Scottish Toodler,

Happy to have you as a new reader, but I notice that in your "Blogs & Links" bar, you seem to have made a Siamese twin of me and JoeMyGod. Since the link goes to my blog, I assume I am the twin with the internal organs, so when you surgically separate us, I am afraid it must be Joey who needs to be sacrificed (eventhough he is the bigger one). I'll miss him.

Father Tony


Andrea said...

Blame it on late night hours or the need for glasses, but I swear I read ST as the Scottish Toddler. My first thought -the Farmboyz must have a tiny new guest, second - toddlers don't have blogs, and finally, third - reading without my glasses brings some interesting moments.

Scottish Toodler said...

Sorry! I did get your name mixed up. I actually have a reputation for sometimes "mis" naming people. Anyhow, my apologies, and it has been corrected. As per TL's comments, I do get a lot of search hits with people who misspell "toddler"