Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shocking and disgusting public display of bear/biker love.

I am still recovering from yesterday's bike trip.

Joe covered the details accurately.

I am supplying another perspective of our happy band (C, Chris, Dr. Jeff, Craig, Joe and Little David), with one of those numbing waterfalls in the background, followed by some photos of shocking and disgusting bear/biker action witnessed in a public park.*

*(All models 18 yrs old or over. Proof on file. No animals were harmed in the making of these images, but some parts of the models were tarnished, including their reputations.)


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of cuties! Why do i get the impression these fun outings end up at some happy hour?

Frank said...

Do any of you have reputations left to be tarnished? *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Love your pics and bear lust story. But this entry demonstrates one my summer pet peeves. Whatever happened to men's socks? I notice in the pic, as I notice on men all around me in the summer, that the 2 "older" guys, C and Joe, are wearing ordinary old fashioned normal socks with their shoes. I noted in Joe's pix that you, Tony, wore sandals thus no socks which is also "normal". Disturbingly, I also notice that the rest of they guys are wearing those mini-hideaway-sockettes. All young(er) guys are now into these sockettes. Why? In shorts or worse nude when the shoes comes off, the man in sockettes looks like Gidget or a girl gymnast about to do things with huge ribbons. In shoes, the sockette produces a very feminine foot line in my opinion. I long for them to bring back the regular above the ankle socks to be worn with shoes and boots (but not sandals)-- it may leave a weird tan line but hey why are people tanning in our environment? Rant over.
ps I also did a lovely 10 mile ride this weekend and it is almost like heaven in the city on a perfect summer day

Tony Adams said...

Dear BCP,
I could not agree with you more about the socks of today's men. Revealing the ankles causes a concave swerve from calf to shoe that, in any style-era, would have to be described as feminine. Thick socks imply sturdier ankles. I don't know how much longer we will have to endure this fashion smudge before the pendulum swings comfortably back to what you and I know to be preferable. I also don't know who caused it. I'm guessing that some hot guy showed up at some gym about five years ago wearing a reversed baseball cap, a white wife-beater, cargo shorts, big running shoes and those girlish socks, and eveyone said "wow".
also, I have been under fire for my own choice of foot gear. Those black quasi-sandals that I am wearing in the picture on JMG were gotten at the COSTCO for $8. They fit so well that I can actually run in them without socks which makes the gym coming and going so much less complicated. C says that they look like those despicable creatures, CLOGGS. I don't think so. When I wear them, I feel like a Corsican fisherman, or a Moroccan spy, or a suspicious local with no place to go in Marseilles. Last week I threw them into the washing machine. They are indestructible, but like most good things you find at COSTCO, they are nolonger available. I should have bought five pairs.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see those silly sockettes on my beloved, I want to attach pink pom-poms above the heel, which was how I was introduced to them, by my mother, in her golf shoes.

And now that I've found My People, I think I shall do just that. If, at some point in the near future, you hear I'm suddenly single, y'all will know the reason why.

SubtleKnife said...

I am shocked and outraged! Aren't there any more pictures?

Anonymous said...

Cute boy in Nike cap. Hmm. Just do it indeed.

craig said...

I will say that I although I am not a big fan of taller socks, the ones Farm Boy Chris had on were pretty impressively coordinated with the rest of his ensemble. If they made boy's socks with pom poms attached I would totally wear them :)