Saturday, November 01, 2008

In crazy funny BA Dayz

Barely a moment to write. Here are some pics from our trip to El Cementerio de la Recoleta. Think Pere Lachaise in Paris, or maybe Campo Verano in Roma or even Green-Wood in Brooklyn. I touched the tomb of Eva Peron.

Back at the hotel, they were holding one of their weekly art evenings. This one featured an artist named Tom Middleton who explores light from within the body, or something. A lot of fun. We convived with Jim and Eduardo of a certain celebrity spa in DC. Their personal scandal has now been broken open on Facebook by the lover/business partner of Jim who is of a certain automobile family. I could dish, but I guess that's already been handled efficiently. They are fun company and their new hair cuts are very Jane Fonda in Klute. The 24 yr old Eduardo will not use the subway and once crashed a car while on route to Jim's house where the lover answered the door disturbed at the sight of the bloody Eduardo screaming "I know he's in there!". Reinholdt, the tall Bavarian from Munich, joins us. He is off to Montevideo tomorrow. We all gossip about the incredibly beautiful blonde athletic lesbian couple who have been making love all over the hotel in their bikinis. Later, C, with camera, lets me know what I look like underwater when viewed from below the glass-bottomed rooftop pool. I develop a new respect for Esther Williams.

And I learned a new Spanish idiom that may be particular to this town. A surface parking lot is called a playa di estacimiento. A parking beach! I am sure this will be useful knowledge at some point in the years to come.

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Anonymous said...

Tony -- these sketches of yours are really very special. Thank you for posting them. When you are back in New York, please accept my invitation for a dinner where I can hear all about the Argentina trip.