Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today on Bilerico: Loving Your Old Gay Face

You will have to go to Bilerico after 4PM EST today to see my response to this catty little letter.

Fr. T,

I hear you’ve had some work done. Fess up. Care to recommend your doctor?


It's up. Get on it.


Mark said...

thank you Father T. that was lovely.

i had to learn pretty much the same lessons, but learn them i did.

in some ways, i've never felt more at ease in my life.

Anonymous said...

Being that you do look so good I was excited to hear of your surgery secrets.Instead I got the old "clean living" story. I know you are right but I also think looking good as we age has a lot to do with our inherited genes. Thanks Mom and Dad!
I made the decision to just accept the fact that I'm getting older in my 40's but it's still not easy to observe. I think a little tweak here and there is OK, the secret is knowing which ones work and when to stop. I haven't done it but I might.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Dray,
I didn't say I'd never do it, but I do love to hear myself argue the case against things to which I am sometimes drawn.

Birdie said...

I'd love to be sanctimonious about never had work done, but my wallet has more to say about it than anything. Acceptance comes in many forms. Having said that, it took this long for me to like who I am just as I am, so getting older certainly has its perks.

I think part of the lure of youth—besides the obvious physical attractiveness—is the excitement at what lies ahead. We can become jaded as we age, feeling we've seen it all, thinking we know what lies ahead. There's the real trap of aging: boredom. It is a crime to be bored when there is so much to explore, so much to tease our expectations and intellect and emotions. Love life, and age will be an afterthought.