Friday, November 07, 2008

Last Night in Buenos Aires

The Hotel Axel gave us a good-bye party last night.
(It happened to coincide with their first anniversary celebration.)

Champagne, open bar, clever food, jugglers of crystal globes, costumed greetings, and a guest list of the prettiest Buenos Aires travel, media and arts types.

C was in his vacation-relaxed posing mode.

The two guys in the back have the hair style that is the height of fashion here in Buenos Aires. Highly feathered and caressing the face, it calls to mind Jane Fonda in Klute.

And of course, the two ubiquitous athletic blonde lesbians were glowingly present.

We had a nice chat with the manager, Santi Ruiz, and with the president of Axel Hotels, Juan Julia. These guys know what they are doing. Their staff is excellent and the environment they provide for their guests make us certain that their next venture, Hotel Axel Berlin, will also be a success. Can we book a room pre-construction?


Anonymous said...

The picture of you two together is outstanding. Must have been a great trip - leaving you relaxed and smiling.

Gavin said...

I wondered if this was a hotel chain. I stayed at the Hotel Axel in Barcelona a couple of years ago.

scory said...

I've only been once, but I miss BA.

Anonymous said...

I know you won't care, but I find you pretentious.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Anonymous,
Derogatory comments are babytalk unless backed up by a name/email/url, etc. But you'll see that I published your odd and little statement anyway because it is Sunday night and the clicks to do so were close to effortless. I invite you not to continue reading me if it upsets you.