Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dennis Deaned

Yesterday, I had my picture taken by the excellent Fort Lauderdale photographer Dennis Dean. The Blade was not happy with the photo I had supplied. In it, I appear to be naked. This they found irksome.

As is the case with everything else in Fort Lauderdale, the shoot for the new image took place in a parking lot. Dennis knew what he was after and wanted the pic to match the tone of what I've been saying in The Blade. Wry? Sardonic? Slightly irreverent? Hard edges melting into compassion? Eh. Wish I had big hair.


kitchenbeard said...

I am reminded of the phrase "I love your hair. Hope it wins!"

Paris said...

And yet you do not give your faithful readers a chance to pass judgement on the photo where you appear naked. I find this irksome.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Paris,
It was a head shot with a bit of bared shoulder. (I think I actually did post a photo of it next to one of the early Blade columns.) I'd toss it into this comment but there is no mechanism for that, as far as I know. Anyway, it was a simple pic with no particular eclat, so I guess the DD one is better.

dpaste said...

Perhaps your next Blade article should be about the prurient squeamishness of your journalistic employers. What's wrong with a little bare shoulder? And anyone who knows you would know that it would be wholly consistent with who you are.