Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thursday on Bilerico: Should He Love a Wallflower?

You'll have to go to Bilerico tomorrow after 10:30AM to find my response to the following:

Dear Father Tony

My steady boyfriend is a man who can’t dance. He won’t even try to learn how to dance. I dragged him onto the floor at our club just once. His face was so sad I gave up after a minute. My mother always said (not to me specifically) “Watch out for the ones who don’t dance.” I love to dance but I’m falling for a man I’ll never dance with. Should I run the other way?

Fred no Ginger

It's up. Get on it.


Mike said...

It's overrated. :P

Mike said...

It's overrated. :P

TED said...

I can just hear his mother saying, "I said a thousand things, and this is the one you remember?"

Spouse Walker said...

Dancing is a form of survival. I completely empathize with Fred. I suggest they take a dance class together. He is probably shy and full of movement potential. Who knows what will happen once Ginger emerges. By the way, if dancing is very important to one person in a couple then the other one has the responsibility to say you may find another "dance" partner. Fred should ask Gingerless if that is ok first.

dpaste said...

There are some people, even those with the cocksucking gene, that simply are not good at dancing and don't enjoy it. I'm actually a good dancer but don't enjoy dancing at clubs for all the reasons you outline in your response. Plus I prefer choreographed routines over the free-form repetitive mess found on most dance floors.

Hopefully FNG will be open to compromise on this issue, even if there is no inner dancer to unleash from the boyfriend.