Monday, August 18, 2008

Who needs TV with friends like this?

Yesterday, on a blanket in Central Park, strewn with red grapes and fresh figs, a friend said "I just don't get musicals. Never liked any of them. My neighbor is like 'You can't be gay. Let me play this one for you.' and then he puts on some cast album with his favorite diva in it,and he starts raving about Patti-Lou this and Patti-Lou that, and I'm like just not feeling anything."

"What did you say is the name of the diva he likes?"

"Someone named Patti-Lou Pone."

When I enlighten him, he says "Oh my God. I can so never make fun of my mother again when she talks about Gore V. Dahl."

Later in the afternoon, he informs me that, relieved to find them available, he has secured two website names: and

He also describes his Friday night as having been a long one, at the Eagle, and with significant beer. He says "Apparently, I made guacamole when I got home."


dantallion said...

Ummm...I'm afraid that I'm completely musical- and theater-challenged myself - I've only ever seen two plays in my life - both in London. One I can't remember (although there was apparently someone famous in it) and another one called "Run for your Wife" which I remember thinking was pretty funny at the time.

But I have made a lot of guacamole.

cb said...

Well, I gotta say I'm right there with your friend on the Patti Lou Pone thing.

Don't like her. At. All.

But I do like musicals.

dpaste said...

You are a better man than I am because, if it were me, after I finished peeing my pants I would have never let him live that one down.

evilganome said...

All I could think of was the book "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds" when Loralei talks about meeting Dr. Froyd.

The Milkman said...

My friend Dan has always said that he hated musical theatre. Hates Rodgers and Hammerstein, hates Lerner and Loewe, hates Lloyd Webber (for good reason), hates it all. Imagine my surprise when he went to a production of Sweeney Todd and loved it! I explained to him that he was obviously not a musical theatre queen... he's a SONDHEIM queen. Very different animal.

That realization changed his life I think.