Thursday, December 24, 2009

Attacking the Pope

At last, some video. She's athletic!

I was the deacon at Christmas Midnight Mass for Pope Paul VI in 1976. If she had dared to disrupt my performance, I'd have booted her boney ass out onto the piazza before she had finished her jump over the barricades.

(I wonder how much MSNBC paid for that video!)


primerica said...

This is a very radical point of view. I can understand it, but if the woman was really mentally ill, I don't think, it's suitable to feel an anger against her. I think, it was mostly the bodyguards' failure, although I accept the opinion that St. Peter's basilica is a church and not a stage within a prison, so these attacks cannot be prevented so well. That's not very soothing. Lorne

Tony Adams said...

Dear Primerica,
Joke, dear.

Birdie said...

I'm not very familiar with the Catholic liturgy. What was your role as deacon in this Mass?

Tony Adams said...

A little singing, proclaimed the gospel, swing the incense, hold open the pope's robes above his wrist, assist at the altar and in general, just stand next to Himself. I should find the photos.

Anonymous said...

I'm only sorry she didn't maim the nazi bastard.
Sorry, have no love lost for that Catholic NeoPope.

Also thank g-d she didn't start speaking in yiddish,
so they can't blame the jews for this.