Thursday, December 03, 2009


I lifted this from Will who also lifted it:

Top Ten Anagrams for "Defense of Marriage Act"

10. Free! Free! Satanic dogma!
9. America's negated offer
8. Fanatics referee dogma
7. Fear of Satanic emerged
6. Farce of a disagreement
5. I fear act of same-gender
4. Deceit of free anagrams
3. A farce of it: same-gender
2. A. Gore fancies mate Fred
1. Fear decrease of mating

I wonder if these are computer generated or does someone have more time than I.


SubtleKnife said...

I would use something like this and then add a bit of creativity with the word order of my own. These are not really on-topic, but here are a few I picked out in only a couple of minutes:

Often defaces marriage.
Feeder of Satan grimace.
Satan came off greedier.
A. Gore cemented affairs.
Coffee dents a marriage;
Or, a germ decaffeinates.
A mad ace rogers fifteen.
Mad arrogance is effete.
Cites from a free agenda.
A fag decorates firemen.

Tony Adams said...

Dear SK,

I am very fond of

Coffee dents a marriage


A fag decorates firemen

(as I take another swag of coffee...)