Thursday, December 03, 2009

Queer New York

If you go there now, you can say you were there on Day One.

Queer New York is a magazine-style assemblage of some of the best queer LGBTQ NYC voices I know. (About two dozen, so far. Their names will appear as they sign in over the next few days.)

Expect opinions, action alerts, news, reviews, pod casts, party photos, essays and a little bit of everything New Yorkish from queer writers who love and live New York. We will be finding our voice in the weeks to come. Don't hesitate to comment or to make suggestions.


Anonymous said...

logo for the blog.

On spec and no charge. Although it is christmas and tomorrow is my birthday. So there.

Tony Adams said...

Hey, NG, thanks for the logo. I like it, but my husband, the BaadLamb, has been working on a few ideas for the logo, so that is where we are headed. The glow you put on the letters is great!