Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Spa at Chelsea Piers- Ask for Scott

Like most New Yorkers, the Baad Lamb and I have limited space and so we have stopped collecting stuff. Instead, on holidays, anniversaries and birthdays, we are apt to give each other spa treatments, a luxury that is memorable but involves no ongoing servitude and accommodation. We have tried a variety of NYC spas but there is one to which we frequently return. It is located in the Chelsea Piers complex.

You'll have to go to Queer New York for the full experience.


Anonymous said...

thank you Farmboyz, i will make an appointment today. God bless you both and happy new year!


anthony m menendez

Shegagagamanshagagashegagabungamungabug said...

what's with all the links to other sites? my fingers can only click so many times, then my arthritis kicks in pere tony

Tony Adams said...

Dear She....bug,
Honey, I count only two links! Take two Alleve for the arthritis.