Saturday, February 28, 2009

Also last night at the Winter Party

Before jumping into the Kiehl's Party (see previous post) I attended the media reception at Van Dyke on Lincoln Road hosted by the Task Force.

In this photo are Nicole Milson, Abigail Webb, Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey and Yuval David whom you may recognize from Days of Our Lives.

I spent a few scorching minutes with Jonathan, an incendiary 23 year old drag queen from Atlanta eager to make the most of his Titanium Pass to all events of the Winter Party....

I ended the evening with the gorgeous ladies at the Women's Cocktail Reception at Town House.

Here's Amanda Decetis with the delightful Janice Thom, Director of Special Events at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Lighting up the night sky are Dayna Gamba, Lisa Harbingen and Lisa McNeill.

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Birdie said...

You know, if you post these at Bilerico you can take the cost of the entire event as a tax deduction. Write a review of your Kiehl's purchases and they'll be deductible too. Just a part of the job.