Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thursday on Bilerico: Just Tell Mama

You will have to go to Bilerico tomorrow after noon for my response to the following:

Message: I have worked for the Catholic Church most of my life. I have seen many relationships that were hushed. I do find that the Church is a safe place for the clergy to be a couple, or carry on the relationships. I know of one couple who are Fathers, that have spent every free moment with each other as a couple for the past 40 years. Be it that they are not married but they are a couple. The Church defines relationships as man and wife, but allows the gay relationships to flourish in the shadows. I was told while working for a parish that the church does not have an open opinion of the gay life style,I was also told that the Catholic Church in the southern california region was 66 percent Gay, this was from a minister in a seminary. How could they support the proposition against gay marriage when they are 66% gay? I think it's talking out of both sides of their pulpits. What can we do to bring these truths to the parishoners so they are aware? We need to make a change to make it right for the gay clergy that are forced out of the church for speaking up about this.
From: JesuitJack

It's up. Get on it.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, cannot wait to read your response!

-- Fr. Tim

Doralong said...

Oh my word, this is going to be epic!

Tate said...

Ah...Tony. I admire your courage and strength to walk away from all of this, for having the conviction to pursue a different path that aligned with your personal beliefs, especially in light of economic uncertainty with the loss of a career. I hold you in very high esteem.