Friday, April 03, 2009

Chelsea Art, a Converted Sex Club, and a Handsome Blogger for Sale

New York City is for walking around. That is why living in a shoe box in that city is tolerable. You're not at home much.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, while wandering through the art galleries in Chelsea, we came upon some installations by Carolee Schneemann. This one is particularly amusing. Her work would have irritated me but I learned that she was making these installations forty years ago. A kinder, gentler, more naive time.

Later, in another neighborhood, we entered what had been a great sex club called El Mirage. It is now an art gallery. The video was bizarre, but would have gone over well with the previous clientele.

And earlier in the day, we were startled by the sight of a certain New York blogger friend. See the red dot next to his portrait? That's right, he's sold. I won't tell you his price.

1 comment:

Stash said...

oh wow. i remember El Mirage very well. some hot, hot, HOT times in that club.

a pity that the city closed it down.