Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dancing Marines

This is exactly what being in the seminary was like. The only difference is the gear.


Anonymous said...

I was a Marine--NEVER saw anything like this. LOL


ewe said...

That one with the Mo from three stooges haicut has very good rhythm. That is great they can let themselves go to dance. Dancing is a form of survival.

Anonymous said...

And I was a seminarian and NEVER saw anything like this.

edfu said...

When I was a seminarian--back in the Pleistocene era (the 1950s)--a group of us (closeted theater queens) decided to jazz up the annual St. Patrick's Day Show (what else?). We three pioneers decided to choreograph and perform, in the manner of Bob Fosse, the "S-s-s-team Heat" number from "Pajama Game." No dancing had ever been performed in this traditional variety venue.

Unbeknownst to us, the Rector decided to view the dress rehearsal from the back of the auditorium. Well.... He was totally apoplectic and came running down the main aisle before we had gotten very far and screamed, "NO! NO! NO! Never! Stop! You cannot do this! This is a disgrace! Shameful! I forbid it! And you three should be embarrassed. You look like degenerates. 100 demerits each! You will not befoul my seminary with such perverted trash!"

Thus began my history of being censored, culminating with the hideous crime of my submitting in Eng. Lit. a paper entitled, "The Spiritual in Tennessee Williams."