Thursday, April 23, 2009

I looked it up.

Tonight, a very loud crazy man was screaming to himself as he walked up Broadway past Lincoln Center.

"Of course I know that. Rachel Ray's mother. World. War. Two. Rachel Ray, Martha Raye. Who doesn't know that. I know that.

I had to look it up when I got home. She was not. She did however have seven husbands and a daughter whom she named Melodye.

And she once sued Bette Midler and lost.

The things you can learn in this town.

"So take it from a big mouth, new Polident green gets tough stains clean."


Gavin said...

Rachel is from up my way...Queensbury near Lake George if I'm not mistaken.

chamblee54 said...

TV Guide had an article about Martha Raye a few years ago ( Back when it was fifteen cents a copy). At one point in the action, a lady gave Miss Raye "her first drink of the day". The lady was referred to as the "secretary/companion" of Miss Raye.