Monday, April 06, 2009


Clicking might help, or maybe not.


Birdie said...

1. April.
2. Communism.

Tony Adams said...

Very funny, Birdie

Java said...

Birdie is strange today.
The first one is teeth from some kind of molding process.
The second is, I think, some kind of dried berry, or perhaps mold spores, if indeed today's theme is the different definitions of mold.

Daniel said...

1. Resin tooth veneers for Martians.
2. Mushrooms

ewe said...

I think the second one looks like cauliflower of carnations and the first one seems to be some sort of beans or those things that fall from the trees instead of sprouting? I have no idea. It's mold isn't it?

Plinth said...

The first one is a plastic compartment-like container filled with little plastic body parts (including male sex organs) for making action figures.

The second one looks like dried flowers but I think is actually dried out cranberries, souvenirs from a gay bloggers' bog expedition to NJ, two years ago, that were recently found in a corner of the trunk of your car or in a now-seldom-used gym bag used for transporting sex toys to Vishara.

YvesPaul said...

Could they both be candies? Sugar teeth and pickled plums?

Stash said...

this is all just some comment on my food porn isn't it? isn't it?

i see through your evil trick.


Birdie said...

Well? Do we have a winner?

(Word verification: faile. Hmm.)