Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tomorrow on Bilerico: "Circumcision: a cut above the rest, or, the cruelest cut of all?"

You'll have to go to Bilerico tomorrow after noon for my response to this:

Dear Father Tony, I read where you were at a dinner party where circumcision was discussed. I just had to tell you that my parents, my brother, his pregnant wife and me had a big knock down last night about this! My brother wants the kid cut. I said it was stupid. Let the kid decide when he is old enough to know what he wants for his own penis. My parents just shrugged when we asked them why they had us cut. They just did what everyone else did. My mother doesn't even remember the doctor asking her. Then my sister-in-law dropped the bomb. She said that her husband/my brother wants his kid to look just like him. My brother said yes, that's why he wants it and then he said that I only care about it because I'm gay!!! Now we are not talking!!
Cut in Arkansas

Update: It's up. taste it.


Spouse Walker said...

The nerve. Just another skank who pushes the buttons of a loving sibling by bringing up his orientation as a way to be dismissive. I suggest he think long and hard whether he needs to be so involved in this relationship. He may want to say, "you apologize or our relationship is not going to exist." His brother is an adult and does not have the right to insult someone as penis obsessive because a discussion about an unnecessary procedure is being talked about. On the other hand Cut in Arkansas may have to back off a bit too. After all, this is not his child. Perhaps it will be a girl. lol. God help her.

TED said...

Hmmm. You tell your brother what to do with his kid's foreskin, and he lashes out. Go figure. The circumcision debate is interesting from a health policy perspective, but some people need to learn to mind their own business. I suspect that a lot of male children would be a lot less mortified about having lost their foreskins than they would be about knowing that their foreskins were the subject of familial argument. That kid's just going to love it when grandma talks about how Dad and Uncle Bob stopped speaking to each other because of his hood.

Tate said...

I am glad my brother is more enlightened. The only time he uttered the phrase "because you're GAY!", was when I defended the art of Tom of Finland (after which, we both giggled like little girls).

Anonymous said...

I read your response on Bilerico, and was appalled that you called for religions that require circumcision stop this barbaric procedure.

What? is the Catholic church that much more advanced. Gee, can we say Castrated boys in the Vatican Choir up to the beginning of the 20th century.

Which is more barbaric?
Stop towing the Catholic line.
I always knew it, once a catholic priest, forever a deluded brainwashed catholic priest.

Hugh7 said...

"After all this is not his child" Nor her property. Does being "her" child give her the right to cut the best part off him? Especially for such a stupid reason as "to look like his father"? CiA is right: "Let the kid decide" - who else is going to speak up for him?

We shouldn't mind our own business when any other abuse is committed on a weaker person, and I hope we wouldn't mind our own business, Anonymous, if a child was going to be castrated today.

Stash said...

There's a lot of closed-minded bullshit going on in them there hills.

Kudos to your friend for speaking his mind.

Anonymous said...

Bravo for denouncing circumcision as a religious practice. Any religious practice that results in physical harm is wrong, IMO.

-- Fr. Tim of South Philly, yo.

David Wilton said...

Thank you, Father Tony, for speaking up on this issue.

TED, I can't imagine anything more mortifying than slicing off perfectly good and erogenous tissue. I wish my family had had a discussion about the best part of my penis before it was needlessly sliced off and thrown in the garbage. The more discussion the better.

Judaism isn't all praiseworthy. Jews can commit atrocities like their brethren in kindred religions. Let's crush the taboo about discussing circumcision simply because it might offend Jewish friends.

My Jewish friends aren't offended by my position because they know I speak from the heart and logically support my argument.