Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tomorrow on Bilerico: "When the Rain in Spain Goes Against the Grain"

You'll have to head over to Bilerico tomorrow after 11:30AM EST to see my response to the following:

Dear Father Tony:
My new boyfriend wants to piss on me and wants me to piss on him.
That's it.
Not Into It


Anthony Menendez said...

HA HA Whatevah floats your boats.

ewe said...

That aint gonna happen to or with me. I have to have boundaries somewhere. Although i would honor anyone who enjoys it and certainly not protest others mutually experiencing what turns them on. It just isn't gonna happen with me. And as i say that i feel my mind could be changed if i felt a certain something for a certain someone. Now i just don't know at all. Oy. It probably would not ever happen a second time. Let's put it that way. I feel so damn old fashioned. lol

ewe said...

I keep picturing myself wriggling in delight. I thought i had worked through any and all confusion about myself. Apparently not.

ewe said...

you know, a cross between Marilyn Monroe and the subway skirt with Julia Roberts tub scene in Pretty woman. What can i say? BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Adams said...

Dear ewe,
I will be especially curious and eager to read your response to what I tell him.

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of when i was at the mineshaft and i needed to take a wicked piss. i decided to go downstairs and into the room where the 10ft clawed bathtub was located where guys would get in, lay back and get golden showered.

i got as close as i could get to the dudes face because he looked kind of freaky. it was Rudolf Nureyev and he really, really liked it. later on we talked a bit and he asked me over to his place for an encore. i went to his apartment the next night where he got really comfortable & served beer and weed. we wrestled a little bit and said he'd pay me 500to piss my pants and rub his face into my soaked levi's. he pulled out a plastic bag and put on a pair of levi's that were soaked in piss. eventually he got my pissed levi's as a keepsake rememberance. i got a clean pair of pants from his closet to wear home. the end.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Unguent, I accidentally rejected your comment and it looks like there is no bringing it back. You're right, we mistakenly switched the order of the posts in the queue. That one will go live next week.

ManDancer said...

Its really a no-brainer. Don't do anything that you do not want to do (or get done). We are all hard wired differently and set up for pleasure and kink on different levels.

Stash said...

i've done more piss scenes than i can count.

it really depends on who i'm with. some have been just "ok" and some were "in the zone". the best have been while getting FFed.

oops. did i just out myself as a major kinkster? :)

a kinky hobbit no less.

Tony Adams said...

I'l never again be able to read any of your food posts.

Stash said...

just think of me as a "multi-faceted" individual.

i'm kidding.