Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tomorrow on Bilerico: "When you argue, and you will argue...."

You will have to trot over to Bilerico tomorrow at 11:30AM for my video response to the following:

Dear Father Tony,

My partner and I spend all our time together arguing. We try to stop but it's impossible. I dread going home because I know what's waiting. Yesterday he told me that he feels the same. It's just about the only thing we agree on. He also said "You're not the person I moved in with." I think he meant to say "You're not the person I loved" but he couldn't bring himself to say it. We are so tired of this and we want to change it.

DeVane and Moonchild

PS: If you're ever in Miami...


chamblee54 said...

Do you dye those eyebrows?

Tate said...

Something about the way in which you describe C's form of argument leads me to believe he is very seldom wrong. Conversely, I bet your comet has missed it's target on occasion, and has required a bit of amends making, or a ready supply of snake bite cure. Both ways have their charms and curses, and your advice is sagacious.

Saw Gore Vidal on Bill Maher last night and immediately thought of you. You must watch it.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Chamblee54,
Nope. That's the natural color. One or two silver ones have appeared therein so I suspect someday they'll be frosty.

Birdie said...

HOW do you wait patiently for the other point of view to enter the atmosphere from its orbit?! I just go wild, but I know all of those pearls of wisdom must be jettisoned before the point will land. Thirty minutes later. Gah.

If we didn't laugh about it, we'd want to kill each other. More than once we'll get into a heated discussion only to finally realize we're both saying the same thing in our different personal dialects. Hubby's philosophical response: "No wonder there's wars."

chamblee54 said...

Maybe it is the venom that keeps your eyebrows darker than the rest of your hair.
I enjoyed the video, but there was a very important word missing...listen.
This gave me a subject for a post at chamblee54

chamblee54 said...

I did a bit of thinking about this argument and venom thing, and soon was pondering the religious argument. Contrary to rule number one, I think we could all do very well without arguments about religion. Religion should make you feel good, not angry at your neighbor. This gave me fodder for another post at Chamblee54