Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Folsom Street East 2009

If you have to ask whether the following 25 pics might be NSFW, you've never been to Folsom.

Can you spot all the celebrity bloggers?


Stash said...

I've been to the real Folsom.

There's no way you could ask me to go to FSE. Too crowded in my opinion. (Of course the real deal is crowded as well. The difference is that the SF version is spread out over five long blocks and there's lots of room to move, as opposed to NYC where everyone and their second cousin is smooshed together in one city block. No thanks.)

Chaco Canyon & El Morro said...

What criteria, I am wondering, determine a blogger's status as a 'celebrity blogger'? Not rhetorical..Thanks!

Tony Adams said...

Dear Chaco,
Celebrity is relative and fluid, but when you go somewhere with a blogger and people whisper about him and introduce themselves by saying I read you and love you etc. that's a kind of celebrity. If you have a stalker or two, that is celebrity. If someone has sex with you just because they read your blog, that is celebrity. Hmm. This may be worth a whole post.

gggggg said...

thanks for the pix!