Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tomorrow on Bilerico: "Was Jesus Gay?"

You'll have to go to Bilerico tomorrow after 10:30AM for my answer to the following:

Hey FT,
I am back to ranting that Jesus Christ was a gay man. Since you were a priest versed in all the jargon and able to be viewed as a credible source on the subject, I want you to tell the rest of humanity that there is not one shred of evidence he was heterosexual. Am I correct? It is time to challenge these fundamentalists with their own distorted beliefs. I say if the "gay community" can and should do anything as a collective group, it is to reclaim our first and truest unapologetic gay activist.


Update: It's up. Get on it.


TED said...

There's really not much that is more fun than watching a fundamentalist Christian's reaction when you tell him that Jesus was a big homo. But even if, as seems likely, it's true, you'll never convince the fundamentalist, and he'll harden rather than soften his position on gay rights. It's not a winning strategy.

Spouse Walker said...

We have the right to identify with the true man Jesus was and to have these hateful fundamentalists defend the historical manipulation of facts regarding this gay man being used against gay people. It is a winning strategy to uncover for all to see that the religious right withhold admitting this while at the same time honor and pray for salvation to a gay man who died with dignity and open defiance. THROW IT IN THEIR FACES. Then we will see them change their stories overnight; tout Jesus as a married Rabbi to Mary Magdalene who turns out not to be a hoar at all. Go for the jugular. Since when is our goal to soften any haters position on anything? You will be waiting FOREVER. Maybe your next life TED? Not this one, not for you. Now be humble and accept it. Bollucks!!!!!!!!!! For example, marriage equality is not happening because we are seeking the "softening" of positions on gay rights. It is because we are in the courts demanding it. It is a mirror that reflects hypocrisy and two faced ideologies ON THE RECORD for all wise and intelligent people to rub their faces in. Is the "goal" to convince people to love us or to shut people up? The word "fag" is acceptable while "nigger" no longer is. Is that because everybody is convinced racism is not alive and well? NO. Sorry Ted. I respectfully disagree with you. I do respectfully disagree even if it sounds like i don't.

Piers Gaveston Jr said...

Like most of your post, this proves nothing, but sure is fun.
Matthew 15:11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

TED said...

If it's a winning strategy, how's it working out so far?

It's pretty much impossible to know the true man that Jesus was. You have a lot of contradictory texts, none of which is contemporaneous. It requires almost as large a leap of faith to believe that he was homosexual as heterosexual. There clearly isn't enough evidence to prove anything one way or the other, so there really isn't anything to throw in their faces.

And I do believe that softening the haters is the most effective strategy over time. Going for the jugular seems, among other things, not the most Christian of notions.

Spouse Walker said...

PiersGavestonJr.: And most people of any depth at all would consider thinking about what they read, comprehend it for themselves, discuss it with others instead of blindly believing biblical statements because it is what they are told to do. It is more than fun. It is a weapon.

Birdie said...

Those of us who believe that the Bible supports loving same-sex relationships would make a mistake to use it as a weapon as do the literalists and fundamentalists. We would be flinging verses back and forth at each other until the end of time. Father Tony's careful allowance for interpretation gives each of us the opportunity to draw from the Bible those things that resonate. By allowing others their own interpretation to start with, we open the door to expanding that view to new possibilities.

Here's the bottom line: there are solid arguments either way. So what is the overall message, in this case of the New Testament? Unconditional acceptance and grace. This is what we are asking of those who have been misled and misinformed.

Do you really want to change the minds of straight Christians, to have them exemplify the words of Christ and accept you (as they should)? Show them how. Show them what grace looks like. Some will never be swayed; let them wallow and fade away in their hate and ignorance. But many are looking for someone to show them how to offer a grace-filled welcome. Those who can lead, this is the time.

ewe said...

Ted: I never professed to be christian. It is not a winning strategy because people are resisting. That's how it is working so far.
You get the word out that jesus was potentially as gay as he could be straight and there goes most of the fundamentalists. I object to people kidnapping the good deeds of prophets and using their lives as an example to persecute me. Playing soft is not a winning strategy either. Catering to lies is playing soft. I would have brought up Martin Luther King Jr. as an example but most of us know he would never had obtained the staus he did without Bayard Rustin. No one is using Buddha to put my person down. You cannot deny that Jesus is used as a weapon against us. I am not interested in enlightening people like that. I am interested in making them think Jesus was a gay leftist rebel activist and i do my part in promoting that.

Piers Gaveston Jr said...

I felt morally obligated to weigh in on this subject. My conclusion is much the same as FT...we don't know. Nonetheless, this is a good excuse to spill a few pixels.