Friday, June 05, 2009

This week in the South Florida Blade

Either it was a slow news week or they felt my piece on apathy was worth hyping on the cover. It's the sort of topic I usually leave to others, but having been asked for it, and having had a few minutes with a wifi connection at the JFK Delta terminal, I filed it without scarcely more than a quick review. I don't feel comfortable exhorting people to perform in any particular way beyond better sexually, but I rather do believe what I said. We needn't resolve to change the world. Picking just one cause is sufficient and justifies our leisure entirely.


Piers Gaveston Jr said...

I saw a cartoon once. There was a meeting hall. The sign on the podium said "Combating apathy in the church". There was one person in the auditorium.
In another version, the sign said "Adult Children of Normal People".

Spouse Walker said...

I am back to ranting that Jesus Christ was a gay man FT. Since you were a priest versed in all the jargon and able to be viewed as a credible source on the subject, i want you to tell the rest of humanity that there is not one shred of evidence he was heterosexual. Am i correct? It is time to challenge these fundamentalists with their own distorted beliefs. I say if the "gay community" can and should do anything as a collective group, it is to reclaim our first and truest unapologetic gay activist.

jimbo said...

I think your piece was pretty rad and well-written. Different groups of gays can and do get complacent about things when we're not quite ready to calm down just yet. In our little bubble-communities we can tend to think we're safe and sound.

Paris said...

I'm with you on this one Tony. Not the call to anti-apathy, but rather the place that this anti-apathy occupies in your life.

I have thought of it this way: I know how it feels to spend great amounts of time doing something I enjoy and from this joy I draw energy to do things that supports the ability of others to also do whatever it is that brings them joy.

Apropos of ewe's "Jesus wuz a homo" shtick, sister's gonna need a bit more nuance to take that parade ANYWHERE. Never mind the jargon, start with the brevity of historical evidence of any sort.

Tony Adams said...

Paris, exactly, and also, I'm thinking of selecting ewe's comment to address in the bilerico column this week.

I do think Jesus was gay and would be willing to address this, despite the lack of a money shot.