Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Marching bloggers on June 28th

Are you a blogger planning to be at the New York City Gay Pride March? If so, you are welcomed to join our group. You need to email me for details about ordering your shirt and because I may need to invoke the list of acceptable names for security purposes. Looks like we'll be a large and diverse LGBTQ group. This will be great fun.


Countess Bedelia said...

Hello Dear Father Tony, I so wish I could join you at the Pride Parade. Know that I will be there in spirit.

The Countess

Todd said...

Yeah, father. I'm so bummed I can't get up early and walk my pads raw. Right! I will miss them awesome street vendor delights though.

Stash said...

hmmmm I have to order my shirt, haven't gotten around to doing it yet

yes I like to procrastinate