Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gay Marching NYC Bloggers pause in front of Stonewall on the 40th Anniversary

A wonderful and glorious day.

(Photo by my husband and our marshal, C)


Stash said...

Pix are up.

I'm sure you'll have more to share. Looking forward to it.

ta ta

Homer said...

Yeah Gay Bloggers!!!!

Vic Mansfield said...

Thanks for speaking up for those of us who can as yet but whisper.

Gavin said...

Tony, as I said yesterday, thank you so much for organizing the group. I appreciate that you included me! Thanks, too, to C who did a masterful job at marshaling and picture taking! :)

Spouse Walker said...

you look great and happy too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I could not join you all but I've not been feeling well.

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