Monday, August 03, 2009

Central Park in the Rain

On Sunday afternoon, when C suggested that we go out into the Park during the downpour without umbrellas, I could think of no reason why not, except the usual adult ones.
Here are some pics he took with the cam wrapped in a plastic baggie.

Here is my husband, the beautiful child, running through a flooded soccer field.


RD said...

A wet plastic bag; you may have discovered a new phtographic techique. The photos look pretty nice.

Java said...

I like the effect of the bag, particularly in the photo of you on the bridge.

Sylvia said...

How thrilling to let your inner child out to play in the rain.

PS I had brunch yesterday with the namesake of your plant.

Patrick said...

Fabulous. C is a man after my own heart. I've always loved romping in summer rains, but in New York it's even better, since one usually has the place all to one's self.

Unknown said...

kinda romantic!

Birdie said...

When I was about six (oh so long ago), I was playing in the sand on the beach. One of my mother's friends said she could not go in the water because it would ruin her hair. I was stunned, and I promised myself never to have hair that would keep me from having fun. I've kept that promise.

We all need to run and jump in puddles once in a while.