Sunday, August 30, 2009

Insufficient Provision

Today is the fifth anniversary of Farmboyz/Perge Modo.

Lately, I have discovered what I knew all along in a seminal way, that this would be a solitary voyage akin to those made by men on rafts with insufficient provision who find strange clots of painted people on untitled beaches, and return with tales spilling through fabulous whiskers.

I find I have the instincts to decide what among the exotic fruits to consume and what to avoid.

This lengthy prelude, now performed far afield of its inspiration and happily scuttled into improvisation, is bleaching and fading and sinking into the sand. It is overcome, overtaken and perfectly unfinished.


DrRuss said...

Happy Anniversary. A raised glass of champagne for continued future voyages and discoveries.

Doralong said...

And we the painted people have been most gratified by your tales.

Will said...

Five years is an enviable milestone, particularly as the blog remains such a vital and interesting read. Congratulations!

The Milkman said...

Painted people? Painted lady perhaps... i'd answer to that.

Mazel tov, honey. Your blog brings me a little bit of joy every day. :)

Plain Gay Blogging said...

Thank you for sharing your strange fruits, I have enjoyed every single one.

Birdie said...

I lift a glass to those five years with great hopes for at least five more of your glorious tales.