Thursday, August 13, 2009

What color are your toes?

OK. It has come to my attention that at least two (men!) of you have interesting colors painted on your toenails.

(Long have I felt that the time has come for men to start painting their nails. Why should women and trans folks have all the fun?)

I'm going to do a post about the colors of the toenails of ya'll - men, women and trans - that will require your sending me a snap shot of your toe or finger nails in all their chromatic splendor. Or, if you don't paint 'em, tell me your thinking behind the abstinence. (Use the email address)

I know you are a colorful lot. Let's unfurl that resplendent ungual rainbow.

PS: I am also going to be including some reference to the fact that straight men sometimes color their toe nails - albeit at the instigation of their brush wielding girl friends.

If we can't be creative with our toe nails, how can we be expected to save America?


Birdie said...

Oh, boy, I can't wait to see how this turns out.

In all fairness, I think you should include a shot of your own colorful toes. Think of the dreams you'll inspire.

Mondschein said...

Just a gentle correction - the term is "y'all" rather than "ya'll."

Bless your heart!

Beau RN said...

Wow...I haven't thought about painting my toenails in years. We had all our housemates with painted nails during the two summers we had shares on Fire Island back in the late 90's. Good times.

We are going to a lake party next weekend...some subtle sparkles and color on the toes might be just the right touch.

Thanks for calling out the idea. As always, you're the front-runner of what's what.

Tony Adams said...

photos, Beau.

evilganome said...

As the proprietor of some of the fugliest feet in the world, I would prefer not to draw further attention to the fact.

Gavin said...

I don't do my own, but did paint my Mom's a delightful shade of lilac the other day.

Spouse Walker said...

I don't want to paint my toenails so i got on Lamisil instead.
Recently someone thought i bit my fingernails which i don't. I cut them religiously so i started to grow them and now i have claws. It is always the extreme with me. What exactly is the right length? I have no idea. I have no aversion to painting my nails per se but it's really just too much trouble. An occasional manicure is more my style. Just buff them thanks. Great topic by the way.

RD said...

Painting one's tone nails is a great idea if one is looking to repell sexual predators.

Anonymous said...

OK Tony...thanx for beating me to the punch on this topic. You know I am one of the two men with painted toenails, currently Nightfall by M.A.C. (black with a silver highlight).

Someone else will have to take a photo for me, I'm just not handy that way. I imagine it might turn off some guys (RD) but are there men that would like it as I do, a fashion statement?

I have them polished for me at this place on 7th Ave South of Greenwich Ave. that is very gay gent friendly.

Doralong said...

A pedicure always makes me feel fabulous, so I expect the effect would be universal. Granted I don't do sparkles, but the effect still makes me happy. Gay, straight, bi, male , female doesn't matter y'all go for it! This ought to make for a very interesting photo gallery.