Monday, August 17, 2009

GMHC's 19th Annual House of Latex Ball Burns Down Roseland. Again.

And we learned that when one house dares to violate the pre-ordained table arrangements by moving a table or shuffling a place card to gain proximity to the runway, there is hell to pay. Here is the chart and here are pics and vid, some of which is by C. (Here are the pics if the following link is faulty.)

For more about GMHC's involvement, check out Myballroomlife.

Update: over at Bilerico, our very own Birdie wondered what This House and Ball" stuff was all about! here is my response to her:

Dear Birdie,
OMG, are you in for a fabulous ride! I'm predicting that within one week. You'll be vogueing, throwing shade,and screaming to your husband and son "Work it, bitch! Walk for me! Get her! Xtravaganaaaaanza! and "Tens across the board!"

This 20 yr old article will define "Vogueing" for you:,9171,957725,00.html

You will need to rent and watch the 1990 "Paris is Burning"

Then you must form your own house:

I think it should be called "The Birdhouse of Paradise".


Birdie said...

Ohmygosh, this world is a wonderful place. But I will make y'all rest easy; I can't even do jazzercize or whatever rhythmic exercise is taking its place these days. That's when I look like Elaine Benes. (I find that frequently my role is to make everyone else look good. Someone has to do it, I suppose.) I do make a very appreciative audience, though. You've got to take me to one of these balls one day.

The Milkman said...

Birdie honey, I feel your pain. If you can't be an example to others, perhaps you can serve as a horrible warning. That's always worked for me. :-)