Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dazzling the Troops

In the South Florida Blade this week, I look at the proposed March on Washington. Some will disagree vehemently with me.


chamblee54 said...

I am moving this over from facebook. This is a better venue for discussion.
The date of the march you attended is a fairly minor issue. I do recall a mega march in April 1993, and I never heard of anything like that in 1996. That does not mean it did not happen.
My main concern is the concept of doing this march at the time specified by the poo pahs. I wonder if there is going to be adequate preparation in such a short amount of time. I am also concerned about the presence of several other major marches in Washington that weekend.
These marches are usually more for the entertainment and "empowerment" of the participants, than for influencing opinions. Washington DC in particular is the home office of publicity stunts...a city of Lisa Simpsons.
Organized or not, the march appears certain to take place. I am sure it will produce lots of warm fuzzies for those who march. As for the lawmakers, and those who admire and finance them, the effectiveness is less certain.

Jeremiah Andrews said...

I in fact agree with you. Preaching from Ecclesiastes was a good choice.

Will a march be sufficient or necessary to change any more minds?

If we overwhelm them there, it might hurt us more than help us. I saw the quilt, that was amazing.

I don't think this successive march will have the same effect on Washington as it did once ago.


TED said...

"Our various gay marches and demonstrations and virally generated instant activism are the new Crusades...."

Not everyone remembers the Crusades with great fondness. Some might even consider them significantly less than unmitigated successes.