Tuesday, October 06, 2009

We walk SF on a beautiful day

We started the day with coffee at The Blue Bottle cafe near the SF Mint. From there we walked down Market Street to the Embarcadero where we accidentally came upon The Slanted Door restaurant (recommended by more than one JMG reader). We snagged a fine outdoor table. Everything we were served was excellent and the service was flawless. Here is the incredibly savory and airy and golden Vietnamese crepe, and two desserts. The mixed confectioner's plate was a pyrotechnical fanfare of aromatic infusions.

The Slanted Door - Vietnamese crepe

The Slanted Door - dessert

We continued down the Embarcadero to Pier 27 where we turned inland in search of the paths up to the Coit Tower.

Coit Tower

The Baad Lamb took this picture of a Tibouchina Urvilleana. We tried growing one indoors many years ago on the farm in Connecticut. Bugs ate it.

Tibouchina Urvilleana

The Coit Tower has wonderful WPA murals. Here is just a hint.

mural detail. Coit Tower

We then walked down Lombard through the North Beach area and walked up the zigzag part of Lombard in the Russian Hill neighborhood. We turned left onto Hyde and followed that up and down to Sacramento stopping to see Grace Cathedral and Huntington Park.

We continued down Sacramento to Powell which brought us back to our hotel.

San Francisco is friendly, casual, jaunty and whimsical. It is not flat. Most people would not or could not do the walk we did today, but I highly recommend every inch of it. The air is delicious here.

Here is a sign inside the Coit Tower. I think we can all agree that a comma after shoot her would have been helpful.

on the wall in Coit Tower

C & T


Birdie said...

Everything looks delightful. The purple hamburger is intriguing, but all else is lost when chocolate on chocolate appears.

Hey, do you have "vacation hair" again?

Mark said...

What fun!!

That's pretty much ALL we do in SF. Hike them hills and eat delicious food! Well, there are other things, but they're not nearly as strenuous!

dpaste said...

Yes, a comma is required. I went from the bottom of the post up and had to read the text three times before I understood it. Then I noticed your grammatical suggestion.

Birdie: The purple hamburger is a macaron, of the French variety, as opposed to the Passover macaroon. They are delicious and one of the few non-chocolate treats I adore.

RawForReal said...

The Chocolate looks abso-freakin-lutely 'To Die For' and there's no comma necessary after "shoot her."

Good Lord, I'd love to get back to San Francisco again.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Raw,
Without the comma, her friend risks taking a bullet.

Spouse Walker said...

Was that last photo of the two of you taken at the Art Institute rooftop on Chestnut street?

Tony Adams said...

Dear ewe,
It was taken in a tiny park - more of a perch actually - on the way up to the Coit Tower park.