Friday, November 27, 2009

The Cupboard is Bare

Last week, I took this picture of the kitchen next to my office to illustrate for my husband the temptation I am up against on a daily basis in my delightful one-week-per-month workplace.

Alas, that temptation has been removed. The boss had a Friday afternoon chat with me about the budget for the coming year. A budget in which I do not appear. Part-timers are always the first to go in a time of tightening fiscal constraints.

Our discussion was cordial and sentimental. I reaffirmed that I have enjoyed every second I've spent at this office. I reminded him that I had not been looking for work when the offer was made and that his guess that I have a full life outside of work is more than mildly accurate. The office holiday party next month will be my last day with the finest group of folks one could imagine as co-workers.

This curious little boutique blog was the reason for that job. Could it happen again? Be forewarned all ye who have need for a writer/editor. I am fond of bouncing back and forth between NYC and Fort Lauderdale with tidal governance. I don't much cotton to wearing a tie. Most of all, I am a man who is extremely conscious of time and the setting of good priorities and the expedient and diplomatic solving of the problems of others. Also, I tend to make what I do look easy, so I'm a pleasant au revoir when you decide you can do without me.

Have you chocolate? Let's talk.

I am amazed that I have had my part-time NYC job for two years. It felt like five minutes.


Java said...

That's the kind of job I'm looking for!

Spouse Walker said...

You are an optimistic person and are already more than fine and dandy.

kitchenbeard said...

Do I need to ship cookies and whatnots?

Tony Adams said...

Dear Kitchenbeard,
The sound of your voice is soothe enough, but a taste of your cookies would certainly help.

Rey said...

I did see that cake on my way to the bathroom, but it was gone when I came back. It must have tasted as good as it looked!

See you soon.

Tony Adams said...

Actually, Rey, that was one temptation I was able to resist.

dpaste said...

Does this mean fewer impediments for you to accompany me to the theater on occasion, as we discussed many moons ago, or does this mean you will now spend more time in Braindeadlia?

Tony Adams said...

To all who might think that David is an insensitive clod who views the misfortunes of others only in terms of what it might mean for him, be assured that he is joking. I'm sure.