Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ugh. Questo non mi piace. Una cosa brutta.

I am soooo over Zaha Hadid. Is there no civilized corner of the world that she will not degrade?

This looks like an arthritic vulture that crashed after suffering a heart attack in mid-flight.

However and to be fair, I will reserve judgment until I've actually visited the carcass.


Will said...

Tony, I checked out the little slide show on Maxxi inside and out. It may well be the theatrical in me, but I've got to say I really liked what I saw. Her sense of line and the way she composes space and line together is something I find exciting. Whether or not it will function well as an art museum has to await installation of the collection and exhibits, but as a building I think it's strikingly beautiful.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Will,
My husband, the more serious architecture buff, agrees with you and has accused me of dissing it just because it afforded me the opportunity to compare something to a dead vulture. He is exactly right. I have never seen a dead vulture. I have not yet seen this building. If memory serves, I think I taught religion to some kids in that neighborhood for a year. Also, when I complained to husband that Hadid always uses that same stretchy open staircase design, he reminded me that he had shown me sketches of this very staircase, so I am probably reacting to the same one. Like a brazen child, I'm off to another sector of the sandbox. When husband has a chance to write a serious review, I'll put it up. His analysis will cover the preparation and execution of the dramatic curves that constitute the building's allure.

Birdie said...

This is the second time in a week that you've used a beautifully complex metaphor in a place where it doesn't belong. (Yeah, your Blade editor was right: your editorial is better without that outstanding wordplay at the end of your paragraph.)

This suggests that there is a story trying to escape the labyrinthine landscape of your mind. It's making itself known in false exits through your other posts.

Help it find its way. Tell us a story.

Tony Adams said...

I just read your comment to the husband who agrees with you totally. Yeah OK. I feel it comin on anyway so why not. We go thru spells.