Monday, November 09, 2009

Gay Violence



Spouse Walker said...

I miss the good old days when all we said was "EAT SHIT AND DIE." I don't recall anyone getting all bent out of shape about such a sentiment.

Anonymous said...

What I most enjoy about your cyber homilies is that they make me think, reflect and attempt to find an answer. ( I usually have none)

Is your point that the GLBT need a Thelma Alabama moment? For such incidents and clashes humanize persons who are viewed as unequal and abhorrent.

Is a "Kent State" victims a necessary means to an end. For such events are catalysts for social change with the academic, art and progressive communities joining together.

I think most progressive folks such as the latter groups are with us. So, what would be gained by violence for the right wing will not be stirred to support by the blood of the GLBT community? They will view such events as an acceptable christian jihad.

The Civil Rights movement took nearly two decades to achieve some important objectives. Yet racists still exist.

I believe that the GLBT community has made significant but not equal gains,especially in the last decade. I credit Andrew Sullivan with putting marriage for our community with his provocative, logical and legal reader "gay marriage".

In our nations current McDonald's populism behavior " I want it now, my way quick and easy" perhaps the time frame is not acceptable and that is a valid point.

I hope that such violence does not occur in our community. I hope that leaders such as yourself can channel the energy in a proud gay way with love, laughter, humility and intense passion.