Monday, November 09, 2009

Gay Fathers vs Walmart

I just want to know why they were buying BIC lighters. That should have been the subject of the chat in the detention room.


Spouse Walker said...

I called Walmart in Arkansas and had to tell the woman on the other end to kindly not play stupid with me. She was incredibly annoying as she continually denied knowing anything and "not being able to bring it up on the computer." There is something odd about this story that i have not heard yet. There is no reason why an attorney would not be keen on a lawsuit knowing full well they are gonna sue to recoup legal expenses as well. The evidence that both bic lighters were scanned clears them of any and all allegations. Even if they verbally reacted, i do not see how that would be admissable if the whole thing should not have started in the first place but for a misinformed and highly charged staff that obviously lost control, reacted with a mob mentality and abducted minor children. There is something else to this story.

Spouse Walker said...

I also left a message for Staff writer Lou Mumford telling him i thought not allowing comments at the South Bend Tribune was dangerous. This is all very strange. Obviously political correctness has now become the oppressive agent. It's just plain wierd. I sense something more going on here that i don't know about. Oh well. If the two guys involved do not want to file a lawsuit then it's dead, buried and filed away to nowhere land like so many other incidents involving the police.

Tony Adams said...

Dear ewe,
I totally agree with you. I've been guessing that the video shows he passed them under the scanner but perhaps there was no beep indicating that the bar codes had been read. That is an easy mistake to make, especially in haste. Anyway, there is obviously more to this that might hold down our opinion of the fathers.