Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What Maine tells us

If there is any consolation to be had, it is that the closeness of the vote might mean that we are just one election cycle away from a popular vote somewhere in the country coming in pro-gay. It is easily within reach.

I suspect that an analysis of the Maine vote will show that older Mainers voted anti-gay and younger ones voted pro-gay. Older voters tend to die off. At most, we are one generation away from being rid of the oppression of god-fearing homophobes.


Brian Spolarich said...

Basically once folks start resorting to elections and ballot initiatives to 'protect' something, that means that the change is inevitable. In a decade this will all be moot and we'll find something else to fight about

But for the moment, it sucks.

Doralong said...

Brian makes three astute points.