Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-Holiday House Cleaning

I find that some things have gone unreported. Among them are these moments:

We attended the XXXX birthday edition of His Erudition, and if you are not reading his singularly reformated blog you are missing some fine writing and thinking. His approach sets him apart from others who write first and think second, if at all.

A guest who I am assuming will want to remain headless.

Chris, the BaadLamb, JMG and ELeven:

Earlier that day, I helped the talented Baad Lamb install a sign he had designed. I helped by staying out of the way.

That same day, we had a delightful rendezvous with John Shields (Bilerico alumnus) Dave Badash (Bilerico contributor) and Justin Elzie (hot New Yorker).

I don't remember the what or where of this photo. It is from the same day as the above. It may have been from the Xtravaganza House Ball at Irving Plaza. My life is blurred.


Mark said...

It might have been more of a mystery if you'd not shown the guest who would have wanted to remain nameless in a later photo, wearing the same t-shirt, his lunettes secured in the same place as in the incriminating photo.

Tony Adams said...

Dear Mark,
I don't know what you're talking about. You are free to make associations to satisfy your fantasies.

Java said...

I often help by staying out of the way. My husband sometimes insists.