Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hilton Head, South Carolina


Birdie said...

Perhaps not so much glitter as Friday night but beautiful nonetheless.

I asked myself what would take you to the "highest concentration of heterosexuality in the known universe," and love is only one possible answer. Enjoy the time with the family.

Tony Adams said...

Birdie, you are right. I am spending a delightful time with my brothers and sisters-in-law. One pair told the "How we met" story tonight (with me doing the Larry King interjections) and then we all ran down to the pool and the jacuzzi and then into the ocean at midnight. The other couple will spill their story slated for tomorrow, and the Baad Lamb and I are scheduled for thursday. I wish the whole time were being tape recorded. It is that fantastic.

Spouse Walker said...

The Bad Lamb! You are hysterically funny. I hope you include how that came about in your scheduled story Thursday. Are you on your way to Fawt Lawdadail?